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Chapter 22: Praying for our Students

Students are in the third quarter of the school year. It is dark, cold, and filled with Covid-driven anxiety, worry, and fear. They have limited interaction and social connection because of online classes. Everyday they are solving extra challenges. The life learning-curve is steeper then when I was 20 years old.

Please pause today, in your private prayer, in your corporate worship, in your small groups, in your family prayers - and PRAY for our students today. PRAY for each college ministry. PRAY for the campus ministers you know - that God may guide them, grant them wisdom, and give them the gifts needed to lead our kids through the time. PRAY for each congregation and each church leadership that aspires to welcome them and share Christian community.

Our kids are amazing! They are living in crazy times and need God’s wisdom, gifts and guidance in every day. PRAY they will see and experience His love, presence and grace every second. Pray that God will connect them with fellow Christians to know Christ-centered friendship and connection that will support them for a lifetime.

Tell them you love them. share with them your confidence and presence. Empower them with trust and faithfulness. Campus ministry never stops.

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