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Campus Encounter 2023
"I Am Yours"
February 24-26, 2023

CE2023 Community Discussion Questions

Register here!

Thank you for registering for Campus Encounter! We will contact you soon to verify housing and answer any questions.

February 24-26 2023


Friday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


7:00pm      Registration 

8:00pm      Intro/Welcome (Auditorium)

8:15pm      Worship

8:45pm      Keynote Speaker

9:30pm      Housing Matchups


Saturday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


8:00am      Breakfast (provided by your host family)

9:30am      Morning Welcome(Stillwater Church of Christ)

9:45am      Worship

10:15am   Keynote Speaker   

11:00am    Ministry Browse

11:30am    Lunch - PROVIDED

12:30pm.  Possible teaching songs

1:00pm      Class Session Intros

1:30pm      Class Session 1

2:30pm      Class Session 2

4:00pm      Recreation Time 

6:00pm      Dinner - ON YOUR OWN

7:30pm      Evening Details

7:45pm      Keynote Speaker

8:15pm      Worship

9:00pm      Devo w/ Campus Group 

10:00pm    Hangout at the UC.

10:00pm    Meet up with Host Family. (UC)


Sunday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


9:00am      Breakfast (provided by your host family)

9:30am      Bible Class:  Auditorium

10:30am    Worship with Stillwater Church of Christ

                  Keynote Speaker

12:00pm    Pack up and Depart

Registration for Encounter is $20 person.  This includes housing for both nights, breakfast for Saturday and Sunday, and the afternoon meal on Saturday!

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