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Campus Encounter 2023
"I Am Yours"
February 24-26, 2023

Registration for Encounter is $20 person.  This includes housing for both nights, breakfast for Saturday and Sunday, and the afternoon meal on Saturday!

Register here!

Thank you for registering for Campus Encounter! We will contact you soon to verify housing and answer any questions.

February 24-26 2023


Friday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


7:00pm      Registration 

8:00pm      Intro/Welcome (Auditorium)

8:15pm      Worship

8:45pm      Keynote Speaker

9:30pm      Housing Matchups


Saturday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


8:30am      Breakfast (provided at the Church building)

9:30am      Morning Welcome(Stillwater Church of Christ)

9:45am      Worship

10:15am    Keynote Speaker   

11:00am    Ministry Browse

11:30am    Lunch - PROVIDED

12:30pm    Possible teaching songs

1:00pm      Class Session Intros

1:30pm      Class Session 1

2:30pm      Class Session 2

4:00pm      Recreation Time  - JOIN THE AMAZING RACE!

6:00pm      Dinner - ON YOUR OWN

7:30pm      Evening Details

7:45pm      Keynote Speaker

8:15pm      Worship

9:00pm      Devo w/ Campus Group 

10:00pm    Hangout at the UC.

10:00pm    Meet up with Host Family. (UC)


Sunday (Stillwater Church of Christ)


9:00am      Breakfast (provided at Church building)

9:30am      Bible Class:  Auditorium

10:30am    Worship with Stillwater Church of Christ

                  Keynote Speaker

12:00pm    Pack up and Depart


  • All students at Encounter will have access to a Program that shares the schedule, class topics, and a place for them to take notes

  • Registration is $20 per person.  You can register online to help with numbers and help us with housing prep.  A deadline for Encounter Registration is February 22.  Please call us if you have last minute changes

  • Registration payment can be made with a check or credit card - we have a square card reader to help with transactions

  • Housing locations will be shared when you arrive.  Look for our lobby registration desk for specifics

  • Breakfasts (Sat and Sun morning) will be served on Saturday and Sunday morning at the church building.  We have some amazing families who are preparing some great breakfast items!

  • Lunch on Saturday (Cherokee Strip BBQ) is included in your registration and will be provided at the church building.  Be looking for our youth group as they have volunteered to serve during the meals!

  • T-Shirts - we intend to offer Encounter T-Shirts for sale once again this year so please tell your students.

  • Saturday evening meal - your group will need to make a plan for Saturday evening.  There are many fun places to eat in Stilly.

  • The Stillwater Church of Christ is located at 821 N Duck

  • Sunday AM Class and Worship - Breakfast will be served at 9am at the Church building in Room 204-205.  A college bible class will be in the Auditorium at 9:30am.  Worship will be at 10:30am.  Dress is casual and informal.  There will be a place in the classrooms to keep luggage and items before departing for home.

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