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Wednesdays @ 7 PM

Wednesday nights at the UC are special; they are the highlight of the week. Praise is our largest gathering and a chance for us to come before our Creator and worship Him. It is very informal and relaxed with many opportunities to meet friends and connect!


We have speakers from the UC staff and student group share Scripture and teach from God's word. Learning and being challenged helps our college students grow and provides them with material to think about and discuss during the week at Oklahoma State University.

This spring, our study on Wednesdays is an invitation to come and be "disconnected".  There are many things that through noise, distraction and volume try to disconnect us from sharing in a walk with God each day.

Jan 18 - A Disconnected Life

Jan 25 - Connected to God every day

Feb 1 - Combined Worship with Stillwater Congregation

Feb 8 - Disconnected from Gluttony - a Giving Life

Feb 15 - Empty Cisterns and Living Wells

Feb 22 - Perseverance - The Long Game

Feb 2 -  Real Power and Control

Bible Class

Sundays @ 9:30 PM

Sunday mornings, Monty is teaching through "The Story" which is a week by week look at seeing God's Upper Story at work in each of our lives.  We meet in Room 204/205 in the up hill fellowship hall.

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