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Chapter 273: Campus Ministry - The Holiday Break

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

If you are a campus minister you are probably in a weird place right now. You are experiencing the great detoxification of moving from a pace that was filled with 16-18 weeks of chaos, challengin

g if not impossible planning scenarios, trying to alleviate the feelings of exasperation and frustration in your students, and more! In my years of college ministry I can definitely say I have never experienced a semester such as this past fall!

Your spirit has probably experienced more stress than even usual! The added impact of keeping safe, attempting to create relational community in an environment that constantly screams “stop!”, the attempts to balance the “mask-up” factor against everyone’s opinions, the anxiety of worrying every time your students got together, trying to figure out how to utilize social media and live-streaming without overloading the Zoom Fatigue factor - all of these put some massive wear and tear on you.

And then. Everyone goes home for the holiday break (or most everyone!). It can be quite a transition to make. I know I have experienced it. Every. Single. Semester.

So here are a few lessons I have learned that I want to share with each of you. Maybe you can share some things that will help me as well.

Going from 4th to 1st Gear is NOT bad, it’s just hard on the transmis